I Feel Great

No one else will ever know the strength of my love for you. After all, you’re the only one who knows what my heart sounds like from the inside.


Four weeks later, I was well into my first trimester (11 weeks) and feeling great. No, really – not sick at all. I thought it was so strange. I heard all these stories about women living by their toilets and cant stand the smell of anything and cravings, etc. I literally had NONE of it – none of the classic pregnancy “symptoms”. The worst I had were some pretty intense headaches. I needed to take a prescription medication for that.

I got to see my little peanut again at 11 weeks and 3 days. This time, there was a SIGNIFICANT change from 7 weeks. This peanut actually had a very clear head, abdomen, legs, and arms! And it was moving so so much that our OB dubbed it a “wiggle worm”.

It’s an actual BODY!!

When we were done with the ultrasound, my blood pressure was checked and all was good. I was told to “keep on keeping on”. I did bring up the fact that I was a little worried about not having any classic pregnancy symptoms. It was of little concern to my OB. She did say she liked to hear that all her patients were having SOME symptoms because that would mean my pregnancy hormone was nice and strong, but my blood work indicated everything was fine and that I must just be one of those “lucky” women who do not have symptoms.

Sometime between week 11 and week 14, my husband and I planned our pregnancy announcements. We were so eager to share this with so many people who knew we had tried for a while to make this happen. Because we couldn’t contain our excitement much longer, we decided to let our parents know they were going to be grandparents and both sets were ecstatic.

A really good friend of mine volunteered to take our announcement pictures for me. I had the place, poses, and outfits all picked out. On a nice, rainy, humid day in July (in LOUISIANA), my husband, my friend and I headed out to Sam Houston Jones State Park for our announcement pictures. They ended up being everything I wanted and more. I loved them.

On our 14th week, we excitedly announced we were expecting. The overwhelming emotion I felt seeing the number of people who were truly happy for us was a lot to take in and made us feel that more excited about this little baby. It was going to be so loved.

Next was to prepare a gender reveal (something small) and start getting the nursery together. It was all coming together quickly and swimmingly.


Published by Lisa

I'm a research chemist who lives in Louisiana. I travel as much as I can and love doing so (especially Disney, it's my jam). I live with my husband of 3 years, my 3 furbabies, and was a mom to a beautiful baby girl, Adriana Sophia, for 12 days until her passing

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